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Dubai Cricket Stadium

Dubai Cricket Stadium is a recently added state of the art feature found in Dubai. This was constructed under the Dubai Sports City for two years. This wonderful place was being constructed by Alpine and is being considered as a world class arena. This magnificent place with an exceptional roof construction can accommodate 25,000 people. Internationally known architects worked together to built this marvellous place. The construction of the place covers all the seats of the arena which makes everyone able to be covered by the sun and the wind. Several sports analysts and former guests had become amazed by this spectacular creation. Most people engaged in sports had a first time experience of cricket being played in a stadium. Lightning in the stadium was very well commended. Dubai Cricket Stadium is currently holds several events such as the famous Chapal Cup. Tourists who wish to watch a game in this stadium would definitely not regret the chance of buying a ticket for viewing. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity. Be more than satisfied with this wonderful creation. A well done work! It is one of the most famous Dubai Tourist Attractions that you should not miss out. Have the best of your tour Dubai when you book from one of our tour packages. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the latest in Dubai tours to have the best in travel in this place. Have the best among the Tour packages Dubai that we can offer you with. Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in this place when you book for you tours.

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